Policy No.


01-01 Duties of the Board of Directors
01-02 Policy Objectives, Development, Approval, Responsibility, Enforcement and Penalties
01-03 Delegation of Authority from Board of Directors to the Chief Executive Officer
01-04 Director Duties and Standards of Conduct
01-05 Conflict of Interest
01-06 Director Fees and Expenses
01-07 Board Meetings
01-08 Member Services
01-09 Member Requests for Company Information
01-10 Benefits for Retired Directors
01-11 Preventitive Benefits
01-13 Fraud
01-14 Services of Consultants
01-15 Economic and Community Development
01-16 Director Insurance
01-17 Whistle Blower
01-18 Non-Member Requests for Company Information
02-02 Member Education and Public Relations
02-09 Record Retention
02-10 Identity Theft Prevention
02-11 Information Systems Acceptable Use
04-01 Financial Management Policy
04-02 Capital Credits
04-03 Donations and Memberships
04-04 Expenses and Reimbursements to Directors and Employees for Business Related Activities
04-05 Leasing of General Plant
05-01 Key Performance Areas and Key Indicators
05-02 Operational Policy
05-03 Yearly Audit
06-01 Development of Management
07-02 Employment Practices
07-04 Safety and Loss Control
07-05 Employee Training Courses and Institutes
07-06 Employee and Company Reimbursements for Training
07-08 Equipment and Supply Purchases
07-09 No Harassment, Professional Conduct
07-10 Anti-Discrimination Policy Regarding AIDS
07-11 Drug-Free Workplace
07-12 Nepotism
07-13 Disposition of Obsolete Property or Surplus Company Property
07-14 Equal Employment Opportunity
10-01 Injury to Company Property
11-01 Offers to Acquire All or Significant Portions of the Cooperatives Assets